Photo Walk & Tree Planting ?

This time, as a highlight we got many kids for tree planting in a particular area in Batticaloa to make more awareness among the public and planted some trees with the support of kids. Look at these kids. They are so cute and no words to explain about their curiosity while planting. After planting we have named those plants with some of their names. They also promised us that they will take care of those plants and they will also plant more trees in the future. That made our day!!! We were fulfilled with bundles of joy with those word from these little kids. I felt like I have given the responsibility of Greening the world to the future generation. With all those memories we completed our event and went home. Yeh, then only the rain actually started and some of us got fully wet while on our way. Thank you for all who joined us to get some free rain and photo walk. Please check the RECAP here

Posted date : 03/11/2018 13:56:14